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Armor Locksmith and security
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Armor Locksmith and security
Armor Locksmith and security

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          Armor Locksmith & Security has maintained its status as the premier, Locksmith and Security Service Provider, for over 10 years largely  due to..

  • CONVENIENCE-65-02 164th Street, block south from the LIE
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE- When we think of customer service, we ask ourselves, How would we like to be treated? Which is why there's nothing as important as being forthright, polite and honest regarding the execution of a job, the time it takes to complete it, and the most important, the ACTUAL cost. There are no "unforeseen service fees/labor costs".
  • CONSISTENCY-  We expanded, covering more of the Tri-State area but, store's is in same location, for over 10 years. 
  • CALL ANYTIME At Armor, we know safety is a 24/7 job. We have a Emergency Service who can help you, anytime you need it. Please call, (718) 445 9200. You can also email us at, with any  inquiries, or requests. We welcome all feedback.
  • CAR/AUTO KEY SPECIALISTSArmor Locksmith Auto is dedicated to servicing Car Keys and Remotes. Compatibility includes: Remote Head, FOB (Push-To-Start), Keyless Entry,Flip, Laser Cut, and Traditional. Armor Auto services everything from Keys,Remotes,Cylinders and Ignitions. (Available on most major car brands/some motorcycles). Please call (866) 772 7667 or for specific inquiries, check our Site,
  • COST- Our service rates are amongst the cheapest in the industry.  Auto-related services can be anywhere from 10%-50% cheaper than other Locksmiths, Service Station, or Dealerships 
  • CERTIFIED-Armor's licensed to operate in the State and City of New York. We are also a member of ALOA (Locksmith Association of America), certified with Better Business Bureau as well as, recommended service by HomeAdvisor and associated with Yelp and Google, through exclusive partnerships. We are found on the Multi-Lock site, one of the largest security brands, under the section of "Where to Buy". 
  • COMPLETE- Finding a good Locksmith/Security Service Provider, isn't easy, in a sea of unlicensed competiton. We don't want you to have to go through it again. With us, you won't have to ,Armor Locksmith & Security's a one-stop shop for all security needs. Whether basic protection like; Deadbolts, High-Security Doors/Locks, Window Gates, and Car Keys/Remotes or an extra layer of security, like Magnetic Locks, Intercoms/Buzzers, Surveillance Cams and CCTV Systems Services (Both Installation and Repair) Even Gates and Access Control Technology like, Keypads,Proximity Cards, and more! All services provided regularly at, Armor Locksmith & Security. We're even dedicated to protecting individual possessions through High Security Safes and Locks.

....Our longevity is a testament to the level of service and quality

When you hear the words, "Starting At..", in response to you asking what the cost is, whether to a locksmith or any service provider. Always reply, "that's great to hear but, where's it Ending At."

-Armor Locksmith & Security's official advice to customers 

Many people are concerned, and rightly so, to call a place that operates as a locksmith "on the go", allowing this nomadic technician to know your address while, he keeps his location (both home and office hidden from you).  Most of the time unfortunately, this is done purposefully so, they can't be tracked down.Which is why its important, people realize the distinction between legitimate security brands like Armor Locksmith & Security and these so called, "emergency service providers."

Armor Locksmith & Security has a physical storefront location, unlike the many "mobile" locksmiths and "security"experts who operate "on the go" so, they can't be located when inevitable questions or complaints arise, after they prove to be, less than professional on the service, and less than honest on the receipt.

Here's a report on some of the "mobile" locksmiths and the reason Armor Locksmith & Security takes a strong initiative to be affordable and honest alternative to such place, bringing a bad name to a businesses should be built around helping people in a vulnerable situation, not taking advantage of that vulnerabiltiy

It's why Armor's adopted the motto, "Worrying about your Safety and Security so, you don't have to."

Top two warning signs for avoiding this situation:

1) Places that have no location you can come to. (No place to bring or issues or questions)

2) If the conversation about prices begin with the words,"Initial Quote" or "Starting At", you should start asking yourself where it might be ending at, and hopefully the next time, you'll know to call, Armor Locksmith & Security. This includes places that say on the phone or on the site that their Service Calls are just $15, are usually the same ones we hear the nightmare stories about when the customer finally reaches us. If their service call estimation is about the same cost as the amount of gas it would take to arrive by you, you can do the math and see that something weird is going on.

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New Home/Business Owners Congratulations 10% off
Senior Citizens 10% Off | Military Vets or Students 10% Off